What Is Mini Split Air Conditioning And Is It Right For Your Home?

What is mini split air conditioning?

A mini-split, or ductless air conditioner, is an appliance that can both cool and heat the home. Unlike a traditional air conditioning or heating system, mini-splits offer zone-control. Each indoor unit can be set to a different temperature and only requires a few smaller lines run to it, rather than large ducts.

Benefits of mini-splits

Now that we’ve covered what is mini split air conditioning, let’s go over some of the benefits for your home. 

1. Greater control

The indoor units in a mini-split system can be controlled with a remote control, a smart thermostat, or a mobile app. Rather than setting a single temperature to cover the whole range of your house, a mini-split system allows you to fine-tune for situations like:

  • • Family members who prefer different temperatures
  • • Rooms occasionally used, like guest rooms or attics 
  • • Rooms that don’t have ducts
  • • Individual rooms with specific heating or cooling challenges, like basements
  • • Keeping pets comfortable in one room while you’re at work

2. High energy efficiency

The system saves energy by keeping zones at separate temperatures, rather than overworking to heat or cool an entire home. It also prevents air loss that is common with ducts in a traditional air conditioning system.

3. Cost savings

With the ability to heat and cool your home, the mini split provides two appliances for the price of one. It also delivers heat or cool air in the most efficient way possible, cutting down on your household’s energy bills each month.

4. Improved air quality

Ducted HVAC systems typically have one filter installed in a central, indoor location. A mini-split, on the other hand, has its own air filter that can be easily and frequently replaced. This helps improve the air quality of your home.

5. Dehumidification

Mini splits also have the ability to dehumidify a room without affecting the temperature of the, which is a major advantage over a traditional air conditioner. 

When is a mini split the best option?

So you understand what is mini split air conditioning and the benefits. How do you decide if it is the right option for your home? Mini-split systems are optimal when you want to heat or cool a few select rooms. They are especially ideal if your home is small and there isn’t enough space to install ducts. In these situations, they are relatively convenient to install, and highly efficient.

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