4 Tips On How To Find A Trusted HVAC Service

Nothing’s worse than when your HVAC system is on the fritz, especially during extreme weather. Whether your HVAC system needs a minor repair or total replacement, you might be wondering if you can go the DIY route. It’s always best to call a licensed professional to make sure nothing goes awry and causes irreversible damage. So when the time comes, how do you find a qualified and trusted HVAC service?

1.) Read Reviews

Reading reviews will help you choose HVAC services based on past performance. Check Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, or any other customer review site. Prior customers tend to be candid in their testimonials about their experience. Read both positive and negative reviews to see what went wrong or right. If there was an issue, did the company resolve it? The company’s BBB rating will give you an idea of how well the business interacts with customers and addresses complaints. It’s helpful to ask family, friends, and neighbors for HVAC service recommendations as well.

2.) Ask About Their Experience

Your HVAC system is expensive and complex, so you only want a certified contracting company to install or repair it. Inquire how long your potential HVAC company has been in business, and check that they’re licensed. A license indicates that they have the knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly and safely. A licensed HVAC contractor will have insurance that protects you from financial liability if anyone is injured on the job or causes damage to your home.

3.) Request A Home Evaluation

Potential HVAC contractors should offer a thorough home evaluation and inspection before any project, taking into consideration the size of your home, number of windows, duct leaks, or other issues. All of these will factor into the final cost of the job. 

4.) Get A Written Estimate

After an evaluation, the prospective HVAC services contractor should provide a written, itemized estimate so you can compare costs, warranties, and energy efficiency among your options. Beware of low bids which could point to an illegitimate company that cuts corners. 

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