How Much Does Furnace Replacement Cost?

Furnace Replacement

Are you considering furnace replacement, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have created a quick guide to walk you through the average cost of furnace replacement, what to expect, and what the process looks like. With that said, here are your answers for how much a furnace replacement costs.

Average Cost

Before getting into specific types of furnace replacement, we will look at the general cost. The average cost to have your furnace replaced is going to be somewhere between $3500-$12000. Remember, this is just the average so there are furnace replacements that do fall under that, or prices that go above. However, this range gives you a basic idea of what to expect.

Gas Furnace

Next, we will look at gas furnace replacement. To have a gas furnace replaced, you will be looking at prices that average close to $7750 overall. Depending on the brand, you might be able to find options that are quite a bit cheaper. However, the higher-efficiency gas furnaces can run a lot higher, especially for larger homes. Overall, expect the cost to fall somewhere between $3500 and $12000.

Electric Furnace

Now, we will dive into electric furnace replacement. Replacing an electric furnace is going to be cheaper than a gas furnace. However, electric furnaces cost more to run. On the lower end, you can potentially have an electric furnace replaced for around $3500. On the other hand, higher end options look closer to $12000. In the end, this means the average electric furnace replacement is roughly $7750. 

Other Options

There are a few other types of furnaces out there as well. Options such as coal or oil furnaces tend to fall in ranges similar to gas or electric, with coal looking a little more pricey. Green options, such as geothermal or solar furnaces are going to be much more expensive most of the time. The tradeoff is their efficiency and environmentally conscious methods. These prices can range from a few thousand to ten, twenty, and even thirty thousand dollars. 

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