Top Reasons Your Furnace is Blowing Cold Air

Your furnace works around the clock to keep your home warm. But if it starts to blow cold air, you know something is wrong, and you’ll be scrambling to get it fixed as fast as possible. Our quick guide will explain the top reasons your furnace is blowing cold air. 

Heating Up

Your furnace can’t immediately turn on and start blasting heat. It needs a little time to warm up. If you’ve just turned it on and your furnace is blowing cold air, give it around fifteen minutes to heat up. After that, recheck it. If it’s still chilly, there’s a different problem.

Pilot Light Issues

The pilot light on a furnace kicks on the burners to produce heat. If it’s damaged or not lit, there’s a high likelihood that your pilot light is the reason your furnace is blowing cold air. Your best bet is to call a professional to get it fixed or relit. 

Dirty Air Filters

Anything that blocks heat from your furnace can cause it to blow cold air. An air filter covered in dust or soot might be blocking the airway. Give your air filter a thorough inspection and see if it’s dirty. If it is, you’ll want to replace it right away.

Damaged Air Ducts

If you’ve got a furnace blowing cold air, you might have leaky air ducts. The good news is that your furnace is working fine. The bad news is that cold air is sneaking in and undoing all of the work of your furnace. We advise you to get a professional opinion if your air ducts are damaged. An expert will identify and seal it up correctly for you.

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