Top 5 Reasons to Install a Generator

If you’ve ever experienced a power outage during a storm, you know how scary and confusing it can be. Generators are essential to have as a backup power source in the event of an outage. If your home lacks a generator but you’re still on the fence about installing one, read on for our top five reasons to install a generator.

1.) Power During Emergencies

Generators are a source of emergency power, acting as a backup in the event of power failure or blackouts. Whether it’s a natural disaster or massive storm, being left in the dark with no electricity can be frightening. A generator allows you to keep the lights on and function as normal. 

2.) Comfort & Safety

A generator can help your family stay comfortable and safe, keeping essential electronics like sump pumps, well pumps, HVAC/furnaces, refrigerator/freezers, ovens, lights, fans, and more in play when power is out. With extreme temperatures becoming more common, generators can help prevent heatstroke during heat waves. Home security devices can also be maintained, guarding against break-ins and theft. 

3.) Avoid Expensive Replacements & Repairs

Protecting normal day-to-day operations can safeguard you from the financial hardships of power outages, such as the need for hotel stays, replacing spoiled food, repairs from frozen/burst pipes, sump pump failure, and more.

4.) Automatic

Generators will turn on automatically in the event of a surge, transferring your house’s electricity to the backup source. Within the seconds of a blackout, sensors detect the power loss and signal the backup generator to carry the load. 

5.) Cost-Effective

Although they can be a substantial investment, generators can last anywhere between 20 and 40 years, depending on the frequency of usage, as well as the extent of maintenance. They are a life-long investment in the peace of mind that your family will be safe and taken care of in an emergency.

Generator Installation From ALLRED

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