Electrical Services: When To Call An Electrician

So you’ve watched some YouTube home improvement videos and you feel ready to flex your DIY muscles. When it comes to electrical services, this isn’t a home project you should try to perform yourself. Electricity issues are complex and can be dangerous if not handled correctly. Always call a trained and licensed technician to assist with any electrical services you may need.

Licensed and trained electricians can provide the following:

Electrical contractors are specially trained to deal with any electrical emergency, but here are a few of the most common issues you can trust them to handle.

1.) Buzzing or flickering lights

This is one of the most common electrical issues people face. Buzzing or flickering lights could indicate outdated writing, a faulty switch, or a loose bulb.

2.) Circuit breakers tripping

Electricians often respond to calls of power tripping. If this is happening in your home, it could be a problem with a specific appliance, there is a short circuit, or the circuit breaker needs to be replaced.

3.) Dead outlets

Going to plug in a device only to find that the outlet is dead can be frustrating. Whether the outlet or wiring is faulty, call a technician to investigate the cause and provide repair electrical services.

4.) Plug that shocks when touched

Never use an appliance or outlet if the plug feels hot, is blackened, or causes a shock or tingling feeling when touched. An electrician can come in to safely investigate and repair the issue.

5.) High electric bills

There are many factors that could cause high electric bills, but if you’ve already looked into other issues, your electrical wiring or system could be to blame. It may be time for a replacement or upgrade.

6.) Electrical upgrading

If you’re doing renovations in your home or business, you may find that the wiring is old and needs to be replaced. Electricians can upgrade the existing wiring, as well as install lights, ceiling fans, or additional outlets.

Electrical Services In Seattle You Can Trust

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