Labor Warranties That Outlast the Rest

A labor warranty is there to assure you that the work done on your HVAC system has been performed by a reputable contractor who is willing to guarantee that the job has been done right, and should any problems arise with that job, they will address them free of charge. You won’t find an HVAC contractor around that doesn’t offer at least a one-year labor warranty, and that’s because it’s required by state law. However, you will find that practically every HVAC company out there only meets that one-year minimum and nothing more. That doesn’t sit right with us, which is why we provide all of our labor warranties the ALLRED way.

What is the ALLRED Way?

While all the other companies give you the legally required minimum labor warranty on their recommended systems, ALLRED Heating and Cooling will match the term of the manufacturer’s warranty on ours. That means that as long as the manufacturer guarantees their product—be it 5,10, or even 12 years—we guarantee our labor on it. But that’s not all the ALLRED way has to offer: our recommended systems also come with 3 years of club membership, which includes maintenance to keep your unit in perfect running order and emergency service to guarantee that you’ll never have to wait until business hours to address an issue with your system. And as an extra level of protection for your investment, we also offer transferable warranties and surge protectors.

We Bet On Ourselves

Our primary focus at ALLRED Heating and Cooling is developing a positive, lasting relationship with our customers, and the ALLRED way is an extension of that. We believe that a labor warranty simply meeting the bare minimum required by law is a sign that a company is not confident in the work they do and therefore is unwilling to bet on themselves. ALLRED Heating and Cooling is willing to offer an extended warranty because we know the value we bring to every job. When you call on ALLRED, you’re getting a certified heating and cooling technician with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to tackle any job, and with the ALLRED way, the labor on that job is guaranteed longer than any other company out there.