Furnace vs Heat Pump – What’s The Difference?

You want your home to be comfortable year round, but especially during winter when those frigid temperatures roll in. If you notice your heating system isn’t warming up your home like it should, it could be time for a replacement. When deciding between a furnace vs. heat pump for your house, you may be wondering what the difference is. While both warm up indoor air, they differ in heating capabilities, energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, use of space, and cost. Read on for our comparison of furnaces vs heat pumps to decide which is best for your home heating needs.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps don’t generate heat, but rather transfer it. They use outside air to heat or cool a home, making them a versatile system. 

What Is a Furnace?

A furnace converts fuel into heat to warm your home. You can choose from systems that run on either gas or oil.

Furnace Vs. Heat Pump – How Do They Measure Up?

1. Energy efficiency

Heat pumps are more energy efficient than furnaces, as they’re powered by electricity and save on fuel consumption. They’re also flexible, serving as both a heater and an air conditioner. 

2. Cold weather effectiveness

A gas furnace works by burning fuel to generate heat on cold days. If the temperature falls below freezing, a heat pump may have a hard time generating enough heat to keep your home warm. You could add a supplemental system to work in tandem with your heat pump, but these systems typically use a lot of energy.

3. Size

Furnaces are installed indoors and can take up a lot of square footage due to required safety clearances. On the other hand, heat pumps are installed outdoors and require less space. The size of your home and how much space you have to spare may factor into your decision.

4. Lifespan and maintenance

Furnace vs. heat pumps have similar lifespans, lasting 15-20 years. As for maintenance, furnaces have few mechanical parts and are used for only part of the year, so they require less maintenance than a heat pump. 

5. Location

Your heating needs will depend on where you live. If you live in a mild climate where winters remain around 30-40 degrees F, a heat pump may work best for your home. On the other hand,  if your winters are extremely cold with temperatures falling below freezing, a furnace will be the ideal option.

6. Cost

The installation cost of your furnace vs. heat pump depends on your home’s compatibility and current system setup. As for operational costs, furnaces may be more expensive because of the higher energy usage.

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